Who didn’t love jello as a child? I know I did, and why should the kids have all the fun….growing up can be tough, but why not put a fun spin on an old classic! For anyone who doesn’t know me, I am the girl who is always bringing the jello shots; if I am going to be at a party or hosting one, there is a solid 99.9% chance that there will be jello shots. I tried it once on a whim, figuring, why not?! Turns out, people really liked them! Over a weekend trip to Vermont (with many jello shots) one of the girls suggested I start a jello shot blog. I am not really a writer, and NEVER would think about blogging, but something clicked and something seemed right about the idea and so ‘Jill’s Jello’ was born.Along with some Jello Shot basics I plan on sharing some of my favorite recipes, stories, serving suggestions, and them some!



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