a little bubbly to add to the fun!

I have been thinking of a couple of new ideas for Jell-O shots outside of the normal, and have been stuck for a while…until a recent grocery trip. I always have to make my way to the Jell-O section of the baking isle and this time I came across peach flavored. I haven’t seen this before and instantly grabbed the box and began thinking about what I could add to it for a shot. **Lightbulb** we have champagne in the fridge, I am going to make a Peach Bellini Jell-O shot. I must admit I was nervous having never used champagne before for a Jell-O shot, but let me be the first to tell you, it was pretty great!


Peach Bellini

1 package peach flavored jell-o

1 cup boiling water

1 cup (and maybe an extra splash or two) champagne


Per usual, add a cup of boiling water to the Jell-O mix and stir until dissolved. Wait a few minutes before adding one cup of champagne. Champagne, like soda, has a good amount of carbonation/ bubbles so when you pour it into the measuring cup be sure to let it settle a little so that your measurement is accurate. I added an extra into the bowl as well, since champagne isn’t as strong as some of the other alcohols I use, it isn’t overpowering even if you add a little extra. I chose to go with a mini martini glass for these shots, but you can use anything. Put into the fridge to solidify before enjoying.


Once the Jell-O has formed, enjoy! Be prepared to taste the bubbles! Definitely a fun twist on the typical Jell-O shot! And light enough…hosting a brunch? I highly recommend this treat



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