Orange creamsicle


Creamsicle in a Jell-O shot

As the weather is slowly getting warmer, thoughts of spring and summer are coming to mind. And with those thoughts comes the desire for ice cream, popsicles, and delicious drinks….or all combined into one.

And so…I give you the creamsicle.

Orange Creamsicle Jell-O Shot

1 packet orange jell-o

1 cup Boiling Water

1 cup Vanilla Vodka

Pour the boiling water into a bowl with the orange jell-o and mix until dissolved; let sit for a minute. Add 1 cup of vanilla vodka and mix. Place into your shot glasses and put in the fridge to solidify. There is a bite at the end where the vanilla comes into play, but it definitely adds to the shot.

Another idea for this shot would be to add whipped cream (or adult whipped cream) before enjoying!


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