A childhood favorite….in adult form

When you think about some of your favorite candies from childhood, one of the ones that always comes up is Jolly Ranchers. I mean, who doesn’t like jolly ranchers? Well, this weekend I went to Brooklyn to visit my best friend to celebrate her birthday, and what better way to celebrate than with jello shots? Now, I needed to think of a jello shot that could some how incorporate how awesome our friendship is, which was pretty hard given all the years we have known each other, the different drinks we have tried, and the different types of alcohol we both enjoy. Then, light bulb!, we have known each other since we were kids, so why not take something from our childhood and make it into an adult form?! And so ladies and gentlemen, I give you jolly rancher jello shots!


Jolly Rancher Jell-O Shot:

watermelon Jello

1/2 cup Sour Apple Pucker

1/2 cup Vodka

Follow the standard directions for making the jello; boil one cup of water and add to jello powder. Stir until dissolved. Let sit for a minute before adding the alcohol (it doesn’t matter if you add the pucker or the vodka first). Mix well and pour into your shot glass. Place in fridge until solidified.

For added fun, get some actual jolly ranchers!





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