Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day….including your jello-shot

Image“Coffee lovers will demand it” – James (quality control)

We have all heard the saying “Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!” and now, you can say that everything is also Irish on St. Patrick’s day. You go into any bar on St. Patrick’s Day there is about a 99.9% chance you are getting served green beer. People who don’t even have a speck of Irish in them dress up in their green outfits and have the time of their life, because honestly, the Irish know how to party…We even know how to make your morning coffee that much better and with that being said, I give you the “Irish Coffee Jello-Shot”.

Now, I had a few non believers when I mentioned wanting to make an Irish Coffee jello shot, but here is the recipe to prove them wrong!

Irish Coffee Jello Shots

1 cup Coffee (chilled)

1/2 cup Irish Whiskey

1/2 cup Baileys

1 envelope of Knox gelatin

Put your coffee in a saucepan (the coffee should be cold, but do not use ice because we do not want to dilute the flavor) and sprinkle on the gelatin. Let this sit for a minute before turning on the heat and mixing until the gelatin is dissolved. Once dissolved add your liquor and mix again. Pour into your shot glasses of choice; here I chose to go with mini mugs to go along with the coffee theme. Put in the fridge until they solidify and enjoy!

One thing these shots need, and I did not do this time around, is some whipped cream on top. Not only does it make the shot look more desirable, but it adds to the flavor. You can use any whipped cream of your choice, although the overall thought for this would be “adult whipped cream” which also contains alcohol….feeling ambitious? Make your own whipped cream! (all it takes is some heavy cream, sugar, vanilla, and if you want some vanilla flavored liquor- mix and enjoy!)

A fun and festive Jello- Shot that is sure to bring out the Irish in everyone!


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