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“Sippin’ on coke and rum…”

“Sippin’ on Coke and Rum, I’m like so what I’m Drunk; it’s the freakin’ weekend, baby I’m about to have me some fun” ~ R. Kelly, Ignition (Remix)


An easy and refreshing cocktail, a rum and coke is very much a go to drink for many. It requires little to no work, and can be made using almost any flavor of rum; personally I go for Malibu. This weekend I decided to make a rum and coke with a twist…that twist: turning it into a Jell-O shot.

Rum & Coke Jell-O Shots

1 package black cherry jello

1 cup coke (boiled)

1 cup rum

This is a little different because instead of using a cup of boiled water, you are actually going to boil the soda and add that to the jello. Stir until dissolved and let sit a minute before adding the rum. Mix together, pour into your shot glass and put in the fridge to solidify.

I wasn’t too sure about the black cherry when I initially started, but it actually enhances the taste of the coke, without making it have a strong cherry flavor. However, if you prefer the taste of cherry coke, you could use that instead of regular coke to enhance the cherry flavor. I recently had a drink of cherry coke and cherry rum….never would have thought of it, but it is delicious. So, if you want a rum and coke that is a little sweeter and has a stronger cherry flavor, try this shot with substituting the coke with cherry coke and use cherry rum.

I think one of the best things about this shot is that the possibilities seem endless. You can use plain rum, coconut (which is what I did for these), cherry rum, or even banana….

Mix it up and enjoy!



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A childhood favorite….in adult form

When you think about some of your favorite candies from childhood, one of the ones that always comes up is Jolly Ranchers. I mean, who doesn’t like jolly ranchers? Well, this weekend I went to Brooklyn to visit my best friend to celebrate her birthday, and what better way to celebrate than with jello shots? Now, I needed to think of a jello shot that could some how incorporate how awesome our friendship is, which was pretty hard given all the years we have known each other, the different drinks we have tried, and the different types of alcohol we both enjoy. Then, light bulb!, we have known each other since we were kids, so why not take something from our childhood and make it into an adult form?! And so ladies and gentlemen, I give you jolly rancher jello shots!


Jolly Rancher Jell-O Shot:

watermelon Jello

1/2 cup Sour Apple Pucker

1/2 cup Vodka

Follow the standard directions for making the jello; boil one cup of water and add to jello powder. Stir until dissolved. Let sit for a minute before adding the alcohol (it doesn’t matter if you add the pucker or the vodka first). Mix well and pour into your shot glass. Place in fridge until solidified.

For added fun, get some actual jolly ranchers!




Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day….including your jello-shot

Image“Coffee lovers will demand it” – James (quality control)

We have all heard the saying “Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!” and now, you can say that everything is also Irish on St. Patrick’s day. You go into any bar on St. Patrick’s Day there is about a 99.9% chance you are getting served green beer. People who don’t even have a speck of Irish in them dress up in their green outfits and have the time of their life, because honestly, the Irish know how to party…We even know how to make your morning coffee that much better and with that being said, I give you the “Irish Coffee Jello-Shot”.

Now, I had a few non believers when I mentioned wanting to make an Irish Coffee jello shot, but here is the recipe to prove them wrong!

Irish Coffee Jello Shots

1 cup Coffee (chilled)

1/2 cup Irish Whiskey

1/2 cup Baileys

1 envelope of Knox gelatin

Put your coffee in a saucepan (the coffee should be cold, but do not use ice because we do not want to dilute the flavor) and sprinkle on the gelatin. Let this sit for a minute before turning on the heat and mixing until the gelatin is dissolved. Once dissolved add your liquor and mix again. Pour into your shot glasses of choice; here I chose to go with mini mugs to go along with the coffee theme. Put in the fridge until they solidify and enjoy!

One thing these shots need, and I did not do this time around, is some whipped cream on top. Not only does it make the shot look more desirable, but it adds to the flavor. You can use any whipped cream of your choice, although the overall thought for this would be “adult whipped cream” which also contains alcohol….feeling ambitious? Make your own whipped cream! (all it takes is some heavy cream, sugar, vanilla, and if you want some vanilla flavored liquor- mix and enjoy!)

A fun and festive Jello- Shot that is sure to bring out the Irish in everyone!


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“If you like Pina Coladas…”


Happy March! Although, wait….isn’t March supposed to mean we are close to spring? For all of you New Englanders out there, it is clear that this could not be as far from the truth as possible this year. Like many of us Bostonians, I am not so secretly wishing I was somewhere on a tropical island enjoying a fruity little drink with an umbrella in it (let’s be honest the umbrella really makes the drink)! I may not be able to be on a tropical island right now, but I can enjoy an umbrella drink, or in this case, an umbrella jello shot. Here’s how to escape reality and get away for a little while….

Jell-O Shot

1 box Pina Colada flavored Jell-o

1 cup boiling water

1 cup coconut rum

Per usual, add the boiling water to the jello mix and stir until the powder is completely dissolved; let sit for a minute and then add the rum and stir again. Pour into shot-glasses; this time I chose to go with the bright colors as they made me feel a little bit more “summer-y”! Put the shot glasses in the fridge (*note: the glasses I chose this time do not have covers, so make sure you have the shelf space in the fridge for them). Once they have solidified, add an umbrella and enjoy!

Now you can have summer all year long…or at least the summer beverages)… Cheers!!


**Pina Colada Jell-O is hard to find, and I ended up buying it online, however, if you don’t have the time, or are in serious need of a summer jello shot ASAP, you can substitute with pineapple flavored Jell-O; it gives a little bit of a different taste, but still just as delicious!**