What’s more American than Apple Pie?

With a day off to celebrate President’s Day, it also was a day to create an American Jell-O Shot for the holiday; what is more American than Apple Pie? Nothing! So, I decided to try my hand at making this favorite dessert into a delicious Jell-O shot, complete with the whipped cream topping…

This was a two-part shot so it takes a little bit more time than others.

Jell-O Shot:

1 cup apple juice

1 packet Knox gelatin

½ cup Vanilla Vodka

½ cup Green Apple Vodka

Whipped Cream Topping:

½ tub of cool whip

A splash (or 3) Vanilla Vodka


Pour the apple juice into a saucepan and add the Knox gelatin; let sit for a minute or two. Turn on the stove and heat until the gelatin is completely dissolved. Remove from heat and add both the vanilla and green apple vodka. Pour into your shot glasses and refrigerate until solid. (HINT: putting them in the freezer helps speed up this process)

Once your shots have become Jell-O, you can create the whipped cream topping. Take your cool whip and add the vodka, not too much that it becomes more or a liquid, but enough to get the flavor; mix together. Add to the top of the Jell-O shots and freeze again until the cool whip has solidified.


This shot was a trial by error type of Jell-O shot, and although it still was pretty good, I think there is a way to make this a lot better. After the first part was solidified I had my boyfriend (the official quality control) taste on with me. It wasn’t bad, but the apple flavor was lacking more than I would have liked. We concluded that this was probably because the apple juice was a little watered down and once the vodka was added it overtook the flavor of the juice. Next time, I think I need to try it with an apple cider or something more concentrated to really give that apple flavor….and, we may need to stick to just the apple vodka for the ‘pie’ portion and leave the vanilla just for the whipped cream.

We did however notice a difference once the whipped cream topping was added as it definitely enhanced the flavor of the overall shot.

The verdict, if this went to a party people would enjoy them, BUT I think that there is potential for these to be better and a little more flavorful… Keep your eyes posted for the next apple pie Jell-O shot recipe and so much more!


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