A little about me…

“A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous”

~ Coco Channel


Realistically speaking, this probably should have been the first post I put up on the blog, but oh well. I already told you all how this blog came about; I love jello shots and friends encouraged me to write and share about all the fun recipes, serving methods, and even some stories involving jello shots. But, I guess I never really mentioned why I make jello shots. Sure, I initially made them on a whim to take to a party, but here is the thing, I absolutely LOVE parties. I am not talking the raging college keggers (although let’s be honest I enjoyed some of those), I mean themed parties, fun events for different occasions, small gatherings, big gatherings; those are the kind of parties I am talking about here.

Growing up I wanted to teach, I worked with children for what feels like forever, I even went to school initially for teaching. Through the years, and a couple of bumps in the road, I ended up graduating with a criminal justice degree, I worked in a hospital, and now I am at a contracting company. I have loved all my working experiences (despite the hiccups that come along in any workplace), but if you ask my what my dream job would be, I always come back with the same answer: Event Planning!

So, why have I had multiple jobs, none of which have this title? I wish I had a better answer for you, but it is a tough job to find especially in Boston. Who knows, maybe someday I will get to do that, but until then I take the next best thing…Jello shots (and then some).

Despite not having the official title as event planner, I am more than happy hosting get togethers (or in some cases co-hosting) with friends and/or going to other people’s events as a guest. In doing so, I still get to live out my dream…the jello shots are a small part of that.



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