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What’s more American than Apple Pie?

With a day off to celebrate President’s Day, it also was a day to create an American Jell-O Shot for the holiday; what is more American than Apple Pie? Nothing! So, I decided to try my hand at making this favorite dessert into a delicious Jell-O shot, complete with the whipped cream topping…

This was a two-part shot so it takes a little bit more time than others.

Jell-O Shot:

1 cup apple juice

1 packet Knox gelatin

½ cup Vanilla Vodka

½ cup Green Apple Vodka

Whipped Cream Topping:

½ tub of cool whip

A splash (or 3) Vanilla Vodka


Pour the apple juice into a saucepan and add the Knox gelatin; let sit for a minute or two. Turn on the stove and heat until the gelatin is completely dissolved. Remove from heat and add both the vanilla and green apple vodka. Pour into your shot glasses and refrigerate until solid. (HINT: putting them in the freezer helps speed up this process)

Once your shots have become Jell-O, you can create the whipped cream topping. Take your cool whip and add the vodka, not too much that it becomes more or a liquid, but enough to get the flavor; mix together. Add to the top of the Jell-O shots and freeze again until the cool whip has solidified.


This shot was a trial by error type of Jell-O shot, and although it still was pretty good, I think there is a way to make this a lot better. After the first part was solidified I had my boyfriend (the official quality control) taste on with me. It wasn’t bad, but the apple flavor was lacking more than I would have liked. We concluded that this was probably because the apple juice was a little watered down and once the vodka was added it overtook the flavor of the juice. Next time, I think I need to try it with an apple cider or something more concentrated to really give that apple flavor….and, we may need to stick to just the apple vodka for the ‘pie’ portion and leave the vanilla just for the whipped cream.

We did however notice a difference once the whipped cream topping was added as it definitely enhanced the flavor of the overall shot.

The verdict, if this went to a party people would enjoy them, BUT I think that there is potential for these to be better and a little more flavorful… Keep your eyes posted for the next apple pie Jell-O shot recipe and so much more!


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A little about me…

“A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous”

~ Coco Channel


Realistically speaking, this probably should have been the first post I put up on the blog, but oh well. I already told you all how this blog came about; I love jello shots and friends encouraged me to write and share about all the fun recipes, serving methods, and even some stories involving jello shots. But, I guess I never really mentioned why I make jello shots. Sure, I initially made them on a whim to take to a party, but here is the thing, I absolutely LOVE parties. I am not talking the raging college keggers (although let’s be honest I enjoyed some of those), I mean themed parties, fun events for different occasions, small gatherings, big gatherings; those are the kind of parties I am talking about here.

Growing up I wanted to teach, I worked with children for what feels like forever, I even went to school initially for teaching. Through the years, and a couple of bumps in the road, I ended up graduating with a criminal justice degree, I worked in a hospital, and now I am at a contracting company. I have loved all my working experiences (despite the hiccups that come along in any workplace), but if you ask my what my dream job would be, I always come back with the same answer: Event Planning!

So, why have I had multiple jobs, none of which have this title? I wish I had a better answer for you, but it is a tough job to find especially in Boston. Who knows, maybe someday I will get to do that, but until then I take the next best thing…Jello shots (and then some).

Despite not having the official title as event planner, I am more than happy hosting get togethers (or in some cases co-hosting) with friends and/or going to other people’s events as a guest. In doing so, I still get to live out my dream…the jello shots are a small part of that.


She put the lime in the coconut…

“She put the lime in the coconut, she drank ’em bot’ up”

~Harry Nilsson


 Well, if you haven’t figured it out yet, today’s post will be talking about a fan favorite of lime jello and coconut rum…or as I label them ‘lime, coco-rum’ …

Anywho…first things first a basic “how to make jello-shot” lesson; and by basic, I mean ANYONE can make them. Read the back of any jello carton and it says the same thing:

1 packet Jello

1 cup boiling water

1 cup cold water

Follow the same recipe as the box, except take out the cold water and replace it with your alcohol of choice…today’s recipe will clearly be featuring lime jello and coconut rum.

Pour 1 cup of boiling water (*note* this is using the smaller box of jello, if you use the bigger boxes it is a 2cup/2cup ratio) into a bowl with the jello and stir (I use a whisk, but a wooden spoon works too). One the jello is completely dissolved let stand for a minute then add one cup of coconut rum. As you can see in the picture, my rum of choice is ‘I’m Coconuts Over You’..let’s be honest, it is 99% because of the name and the fun bottle. Or, as I always say it is a “Fantastical” bottle; however any coconut rum will do. Once it is all mixed you are ready to put them into your ‘shot glass’ of choice. For this I usually use a 1/4 cup measuring spoon because it is a lot easier to scoop out and pour into a smaller cup. I tried a ladle and that worked okay, but I feel that with the measuring spoon, there was a little more control.

Once you have the jello shots in the cups, cover, label (if you choose to) and put them in the fridge. It usually takes about a good hour or so to get firm enough; remember don’t go overboard with the rum (so easy to do) because the more alcohol is in it, the longer it takes to become actual jello.


Stay tuned for more recipes and fun ways to serve up these lime and coconut ones along with other of my favorites!

Baby Steps…

Let’s start by taking baby steps….for me and for you. As my first post, this will go over the basic information aka what you need. Unlike some drink recipes (and food recipes) there is not a complicated list of things you will need before getting started with the jello shot making process. There are only 3 things…THREE!~Easy right?

1. Box of Jello

2. Alcohol of Choice

3. A ‘shot glass’

Okay, let me break these down a little. Don’t worry- still not complicated.You can use any flavor of boxed jello you desire. My first time I made jello shots I used strawberry; it is a common flavor and there is a good chance anyone you are serving the jello shots too will like them. In terms of alcohol, this too can be any one you chose, but be realistic. I love my good friend Jack Daniels, but I am not going to pour him into any pineapple or berry jello….think about how the flavor of the alcohol and the jello will taste. Some good go to choices: Rum and Vodka. I find the clear alcohols to be the best (and you don’t take away from the color of the jello). And, last, but certainly not least, you will need a ‘shot glass’ to make them in. This can really be anything; some people use the little dixie cups meant for the bathroom to rinse after brushing your teeth. I on the other hand prefer salad dressing cups with lids (can easily be found at any party store or online); A. they are the perfect size B. having a lid makes them easy to stack and takes up a smaller amount of space in the fridge and C. When I make multiple types of jello shots I like to label them; the lid is perfect for this.

Once you have these three things you are ready to go! Stay tuned for a how to and the first official Jello shot recipe posting…